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Jeannice shares her journey

The Self Taught Journey


"I believe that you can do anything you want, if you put your mind to it. With that philosophy, I methodically researched and learned from those in the field that I considered experts. I carve out hours everyday to continuing my education. The unexpected delight in my journey has been making friends with those that I admire. It's been rewarding in every way! I pray that I am always an eager student..."

Jeannice Gordon

Jeannice's Sources

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CPSA Chapter 224

The Texas Chapter of Colored Pencil Society of America is a welcoming, warm, energized group that offers educational and support of every kind!

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Realistic Textures in Colored Pencil By Cynthia Knox


Cynthia Knox has shared her techniques for amazing textures of every kind. I have used them on every piece. Her instruction is brilliant.


Vivid Flowers in Colored Pencils By Cynthia Knox


Cynthia Knox has shared her talent with us by posting online videos to help us recreate her masterpieces. I enjoyed every part of this class and found the techniques invaluable. 

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Billy Showell

Billy Showell is an amazing watercolor instructor. I have subscribed to her website courses and incorporate her teaching into my continued education.


"Flowers in Colored Pencil" By Cynthia Knox

This book literally changed my life. Cynthia Knox is such a gifted teacher that she made the impossible seem easy. I worked through most every project in this book and found a world that I never knew existed. Cynthia Knox will always be my muse, mentor and friend. Since this book, I've purchased and devoured all of her 13 publications and am eagerly waiting for her next. 


"Botanical Drawing In Color" By Wendy Hollender

I've always been fascinated with botanical art. This book convinced me that I could actually produce beautiful botanical drawings. Wendy Hollender has packed each page with valuable information and gorgeous botanical art.  It is one of my "go to" reference books. 


"Botanical Art Techniques" By American Society of Botanical Artists

This is a fantastic comprehensive guide of many types of botanical techniques, detailed by brilliant artists. The ASBA is an extraordinary association with invaluable resources and a warm community.


"Lifelike Drawing" By Lee Hammond

Lee Hammond taught me the joy of drawing with graphite (pencil) from this book. It has helped me understand subtle value changes, so I can draw/ paint more accurately in color. 

Botanical Art

"Botanical art shows us what we don't often see in nature; the details are astounding and beautiful."

Jeannice Gordon

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